Autodesk AutoCAD v2010 Win32

Description :

Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) is an American multinational corporation that focuses on 2D and 3D design software for use in architecture, engineering and building construction, manufacturing, and media and entertainment. AutoCAD® software lets you design, visualize, and document your ideas clearly and efficiently. From powerful 3D modeling through robust documentation and visualization tools, AutoCAD software provides the power and flexibility to work more productively from concept through completion. If you haven’t looked at it in a while, now is the time to check out AutoCAD 2009.

System Requirements

For 32-bit AutoCAD® 2010:

  • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon™ Dual Core, 1.6 GHz or Higher with SSE2 technology (3.0 GHz or higher for Windows Vista™)
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista™, Windows® XP SP2 operating systems

    For Microsoft Windows XP SP2

  • 2GB RAM
  • 1 GB free disk space for installation
  • 1024×768 VGA with True Color

    For Microsoft Windows Vista™ or 3D modeling

  • Intel Pentium 4 processor or AMD Athlon, 3.0 GHz or greater or Intel or AMD Dual Core processor, 2.0 GHz or greater
  • 2 GB RAM or greater
  • 2 GB free hard disk available not including installation
  • 1,280 x 1,024 32-bit color video display adapter (true color) 128 MB or greater, Direct3D® capable workstation class graphics card.


    Screenshot :

    Autodesk AutoCAD v2010 Win32


    Autodesk AutoCAD v2010 Win32

    Compatible :
    PC / Win

    Sifat : commercial (buy : $3.995 – 4.445)

    homepage :


    freelink :


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