– AutoCAD 2009: Mastering References [Tutorial]

Description :

References in AutoCAD allow designs to be seen as more than just single drawings. In addition to standard line work, AutoCAD drawings can support images and store project data. Designers can also create projects that link drawings together, each one representing a component of the overall design. In AutoCAD 2009: Mastering References, Jeff Bartels goes deeper into the application, using his experience with civil engineering construction drawings to explore the concept of referencing. Using practical examples, Jeff teaches how to maintain project data, automate parts lists, make global changes using external references, incorporate imagery into drawings, and more. Exercise files accompany the course.

Table of contents
Welcome 1:33 23.0 MB
Using the exercise files 0:38 0.9 MB
1. Blocks
    Using blocks to automate layout data 5:01 11.5 MB
    Leveraging the block rotation angle 4:41 7.3 MB
    Using DWG files to create blocks 3:49 5.0 MB
    Understanding the WBLOCK command 3:43 13.8 MB
    Inserting blocks with Divide and Measure 5:44 8.4 MB
    Exchanging one block for another 3:34 4.5 MB
    Creating a block tool palette 5:18 6.1 MB
2. Attributes
    Creating an attribute to hold data 7:19 13.6 MB
    Understanding the attribute modes 5:28 10.2 MB
    Using attributes for labels 5:14 9.8 MB
    Editing attributes 4:34 6.3 MB
    Understanding the attribute system variables 3:41 3.8 MB
    Redefining blocks with attributes 4:09 8.9 MB
    Extracting attribute data 7:08 14.5 MB
3. External References
    Understanding external references 3:54 5.5 MB
    Creating a link to a DWG file 6:35 8.4 MB
    Controlling the appearance of referenced drawings 6:01 11.4 MB
    Choosing whether to attach or overlay 2:48 5.5 MB
    Clipping an external reference 2:58 5.8 MB
    Binding references 3:18 8.3 MB
4. Adding Imagery
    Inserting images 5:26 7.7 MB
    Editing the appearance of images 3:06 3.3 MB
    Controlling the display of the image border 4:31 4.9 MB
    Clipping images 3:58 6.1 MB
    Scaling images to a measurable scale 6:29 20.5 MB
    Applying transparency to images 2:51 8.5 MB
Goodbye 0:15 0.4 MB


Screenshot : – AutoCAD 2009: Mastering References [Tutorial]


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